Dried Plantain 

Among other Nigerian delicacies made out of various types of flours is the plantain flour, which is a derivative of Dried Plantain.  Known to be one of the healthiest food choice around the world and most especially in Nigeria because of its nutritional benefits, Plantain flour is preferred by most Nigerians who struggle with Diabetes because it is a source of  irons, high dietary fiber, low calories, low sugar content, multiple vitamins and much more.

This has increased the demand of the commodity, making it a low key investment for those who understand the process of drying and storing the unripe plantain for commercial use. This business cycle requires drying the unripe  plantain, storing it, and reselling it during off seasons when there is scarcity in the market.



Total Capital Needed 


Farm Duration

8 Months

Return On Investment



Benin, Edo

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