Kayode Adesina, VP of Logistics

Kayode Adesina is the Chief Operations Officer . As an IT Consultant, for over a decade Femi Adesina leveraged his educational background as an electrical electronic graduate from the University of Benin to impact reputable organizations and institutions such as System plus telecoms, Igbinedion University and other renowned firms across the nation before deciding to venture off into the Agriculture sector close to 10 years ago. As an Agripreneur, he established a massive plantain plantation in Benin, Edo, while providing employment for the indigenes of the local community. Since then, he has ventured into other aspect of farming such as Palm tree, banana, snail, fish, cocoa and much more. Coupled with managing his own establishments, Femi is also a Speaker and an Agro Consultant for plethora of new Agripreneurs nationwide and those looking to expand their Agric businesses.


His years of experience as an Agripreneur has enabled him to fully maximize the agro business value chain, from active farming to selling raw produce,and  buying fresh produce, preserving the produce and selling off the preserved produce after a duration of time either as a raw material or finished product.


When asked “What do you think about the future of Agriculture in Nigeria?” Femi said “The future is bright. The main reason is that we have a very large population that are consumers, and because of the rural to urban drift we have less number of people farming to meet up the demand of the growing population, so those in farming now will always be in business.”


With his expertise in management and farm development, Femi and his team are responsible for the development,  implementation, and management for all of the company’s new farm establishments across the nation.

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