Kofi Opoku, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Kofi Opoku is the Director of Strategic Initiatives. He oversees the development of programs and expansion of new markets and product offering of Agro Angels. He will be working with potential partnerships and initiatives which foster and sustain the vision of Agro Angels both short and long terms respectively


 With an extensive educational background in International Business, Management, Leadership, Economics, Strategy and Integration, His valuable contributions to ensuring the sustainability and results of our business operations is one of a kind. In His role, Mr. Opoku brings a wealth of experience to our organization, as he has served and trained, and delivered under Top Leadership of a reputable company in the United States. He has started his career as an operations analyst to the Operations Department at Aerotek, under the leadership of the Senior Vice President of Recruiting Operations, and Executive Directors.  His value and contributions opened doors for him to work on high profile projects, which involved providing valuable insight into company activities and performance, and in some cases providing recommendations on sustainable solutions. Kofi moved on to serve under the Director of Recruiting Technology, where he was able to build a strong knowledge on the impact of technology on business operations, as well as best practices on how to leverage technology with processes and people.

Mr. Opoku has also worked with the Marketing Department of the company as their Business Intelligence analyst, where his influence was highly valuable on cross-functional teams to deliver on tool-functionality, performance reports and internal consistency strategies to leverage the department’s efforts in achieving a companywide goal. Such efforts involved but not limited to delivering on an ROI tool that gave visibility into the department’s efforts, activities and profitability as they partnered with external vendors who provide a needed resource for the company.

Mr. Opoku obtained his undergraduate education from Northwood University, with a dual degree in International Business and Management with a minor in Economics. He also furthered his education to obtain His Masters of Business Administration from the Richard DeVos Graduate School. His exceptional leadership, results-oriented mentality and solid business acumen are a few of many valuable attributes that sets him apart to do a solid work in His role for our company. His favorite quote that transcends into his work life and personality is: “ A Ship is safe at the Harbor, but that’s not what Shipsthey are built for”.-William Shedd.

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