Among the top lucrative farming businesses within the agriculture sector in Nigeria is plantain farming. Being part of the banana family, it remains one of the top staple foods in the nation and around the world. With its nutritional benefits ranging from, dietary fiber, vitamin A & C, Potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and much more, it remains in demand all year round in every home and food businesses.


Outside of it's basic consumption, plantain is converted to other sources of delicacies such as plantain chips and plantain fufu made out of plantain flour, which is also the first choice food for diabetics. These derivatives of plantain have increased the demand for this highly nutritious food.


While Nigeria remains one of the top plantain producers globally, they are still not in a position to export like other thriving nations in the plantain business simply because their produce is still not enough to meet the local demands.


This makes the plantain business opportunity lucrative for anyone looking to generate significant income in the nation’s fastest growing sector, agriculture. According to experts, it has been estimated that farmers in this segment of agriculture could earn roughly N2.5 billion annually.



Total Capital Needed 


Farm Duration

12 Months or 5 Years

Return On Investment

15% or 20% Annually


Utuese, Edo

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