How I Became A Farmer In Nigeria But Live 6,600 Miles Away.

One of the most common expectations in the 21st century is for young people to go to school, get good grades, and get a secured job. This roadmap has been ingrained into the minds of millennials and the generation before them. It is almost impossible for a millennial to think highly of any other industry other than working for a prestigious company with good benefits, and I was not an exception.

Like most people, I have never been interested in agriculture or farming. I always assumed such occupation was reserved for people who lived in remote and rural areas. However, this perception soon changed. On February 5th, 2016, I came across a news article by Vanguard, and the headline read "Nigerians will starve to death by 2050 - The Presidency." The headline immediately caught my intention. I was curious to find out what would make a nation of 180 million people starve to death.

As I read the article I realized that it was based on the shortage of food being produced in the nation and if nothing is done to ensure all year round production, the supply will not meet the demand of the 500 million + Nigerians by 2050. Then I thought to myself, the next gold mine in Nigeria is agriculture. I realized If Nigerians would starve to death by 2050, then the people or companies that would make it their primary goal to provide food for the growing nation, will not only create wealth, but also enrich the nation and its people. From that moment I developed an intense interest in agriculture. The only challenge I had was that I did not know how to get involved since I was based in the United States. But suddenly I remembered a cousin of mine who was a plantain farmer in Nigeria.

In 2010 he mentioned to me that he quit his job to become a full-time farmer, so I decided to reach out to him. After he gave me a brief synopsis of his experience and success over the years, I was sold! He agreed to work with me to establish my own farm so I started out with close to 20 acres of land to start a plantain farm. And since I couldn't be present to monitor the progress, he would frequently send me pictures and videos of the farm activities.

In May 2016, I was fortunate to visit the farm to see the progress. More importantly, I was even more excited when the plantain bunch started being harvested, and in less than a year we started to see growth in revenue.

In that moment I was convinced that there was a huge opportunity waiting to be explored in agriculture. With a trusted partnership with reputable company, I knew Nigerians in the diaspora would make the perfect investors. I spoke to several friends who were interested in investing with me once they heard of my progress. That prompted me to create an organized reliable system designed to connect Nigerians in the diaspora with agricultural investment opportunities, thus becoming remote farmers.

That was the inspiration behind the establishment of Agro Angels. Now, our number one goal as a company is to provide a platform for other Africans in diaspora to create wealth through agriculture for this generation, and those to come.

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