5 Products That Uses Different Components From Pigs


The pig is the most popular source of meat globally and it’s not just from today. In classical times, the Romans depicted pork, which is the meat from pigs to be considered as the choicest of all forms of meat. Consumed in large amounts and in different forms ranging from sausages to steaks by the populace at large. Back to the world today, there are pig carnivals all around in different nations of the world, they are also shown in different cartoons for children characters in children shows and as mascots for different sports teams.

There is no doubt that the importance we place on pigs is unprecedented, the pig should be the king of animals considering how highly we place them.

Apart from meat which is widely consumed, pigs also contribute to other areas of living, probably more than any other animal. With various uses in sports, medicine and even music. The pig has uses in almost every walk of life, and that versatility is what has kept them at the top of the priority chart when it comes to animal husbandry.

We are going to take a close look into some of the areas and products that make use of pig materials.

DRUGS - Pigs have been known to play important roles in medicine, with important materials from their bodies. This is because they share a number of physiological and anatomic similarities with humans. It has been shown that a pig’s organ system are 80-90 percent similar to that of humans and why wouldn’t it be, they are true omnivores like humans. These similarities are what make them a perfect fit for material donation for making drugs including tablets, injections capsules and creams.

LEATHER – This probably is the most widely produced item made from pigs. The leather can easily be identified by a number of grouped holes of hair pores. Pig suede is the most produce form of leather in clothing, used to manufacture leather jackets and coats. Peccary however is the most popular leather obtainable from a hides of wild South American Neifer pigs, usually used to manufacture very valuable gloves. Pig leather also finds use in leather hide drums, the skins are tough and preferred for leather for musical drums.

VIOLIN STRINGS – Everyone loves music, but perhaps you are a fan of the violin. It might interest you to know that there is a big chance, you see the products of pigs right there. The strings are always made from catgut, which is in turn made from the walls of various animal intestine, including that of pigs. The use of pigs for violin strings is largely due to the fact that their intestines handle rough situations and hence are perfect for handling constant usage.

BRUSHES- The bristly hair from boars which are male pigs are and have been used in manufacturing hair and toothbrushes for more than a few hundred years. These products have advantages for the human scalp because boar hair is much like human hair when discussing matters like texture. Its use promotes healthy hair growth, adds shine to the hair, makes for softer yet strong hair with reduced hair breakage, it even conditions the hair by distributing the scalps oils evenly. It’s no wonder, considering these advantages, that they are highly sought after.

EXPLOSIVES – The oils particularly glycerin from pigs are used in developing explosives and dynamites. The gelatin found in pig bones even till today is found to help transport gunpowder into the bullet of a gun. The transformation of pig fat like glycerin to explosive is done when the product is reacted with nitric acid across nickel catalyst forming Nitroglycerin. This reaction was first carried out by late Alfred Nobel, a Swedish scientist and chemist. The result, dynamite instantly became highly prioritized tools for mining and engineering industries.

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